Seminar Week 6

week 6

Week 6: Reviewing Exam Content 3

Day 1     Mastering Pharmacology:  How Drugs Work

Pharmacology is all about how drugs work. Here is a complete guide on what you need to master and how to master them.

Day 2     Pharmacology: Dealing with Chemicals that Heal and Harm

One of the most commonly tested part of pharmacology is their adverse effects. Learn how to effectively study them.

Day 3     Mastering Microbiology: When Bugs Attack …

Infectious disease accounts for majority of diseases in the world. Therefore understanding them is crucial in medical practice and therefore in the USMLE.

Day 4     Mastering Immunology: … When the Body Fights Back

Understanding your body’s defense system against diseases is crucial to understanding how to treat disease. Learn how to study them effectively.

Day 5     Mastering Behavioral Science: Dealing with Behavioral and Cultural Issues

Behavioral and cultural issues are widely tested in the USMLE. Know what you need to study for this subject.

Day 6     Reaching the Finish Line: Preventing Burnout

One of the biggest problem you will face in your prep if you did everything right is the possibility of burnout. (If you find the prep easy, then obviously you did not study enough unless your IQ is over 180). Here are some practical tips on how to prevent burnout during your prep.

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