Seminar Week 3

week 3

Week 3: How to Study

Day 1    How to Remember Almost Anything

Have a hard time remembering what you have studied? Think you have a poor memory? Although memory capacity is mostly inborn, there are ways to improve it. Here are a few techniques that will help you remember almost anything.

Day 2    Instant Recall: Key to Acing the USMLE

To ace the ‪USMLE, it’s not enough to be able to recall what you have studied. You need to be able to recall them instantly. Due to the vast amount of information you need to study for the USMLE, it is impossible to be able to recall everything instantly. However, the more you are able to recall instantly, the higher your score will be. Here are a the steps you need to take to know how to identify what topics you need to be able to recall instantly and how you can make sure you can recall them instantly.

Day 3    Mastering the USMLE in Three Revisions

Mastering the USMLE Step 1 is important for USMLE success. However, mastering the USMLE requires you to study properly in the right way, at the proper level of detail in order to effectively recall what you have mastered. Learn how to do all this in three revisions.

Day 4    Measure Your Way to USMLE Success

After prepping for a few months, some people get the shock of their lives when the result of their first Q bank attempt is less than spectacular or worse failing. Learn the best way to measure your progress and insure that you are improving day-by-day and not wasted on ineffective studying and prepping.

Day 5    Two Most Important Thing to Remember If You Want a High Score

The two most common weak points especially among medical students preparing for the ‎USMLE are: 1. Difficulty in diagnosing clinical vignettes and failure to integrate the medical concepts clinically. Here are the reasons why these two weak points can affect your scores and how to fix them.

Day 6     The Power of One a Day: Changing Your life One Day at a Time

Do you feel frustrated on how hard it is to acquire the new skills and good habits to improve your life and your ‪‎USMLE‬ Prep progress? Do you feel you have too little time and too much to do? Learn how the Power of one a day can help bring about life-altering changes to your life for the better.

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