Seminar Week 7

week 7

Week 7: Test Preparation Phase

Day 1     Breaking the Sound Barrier: Building Speed in Answering Questions

One common denominator among people who fail the USMLE is the inability to finish all questions in a block. It is also one of the most common reason why people score low, even if they know most the topics being asked. Is there a way to speed up answering questions? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Find out how you you can halve the time it takes for you to answer a block of questions.

Day 2     How to Make Hard Questions Simple to Answer

Only 20% of the questions in the #USMLE are truly hard. Of the remaining 80% half are easy questions that just look hard. Find out how to make these ‘hard’ questions easy and simple to answer..

Day 3     Finding the Answer When You Don’t Know the Answer

One of the biggest reason that people who score high, score high is because they know how to find the right answer even when they don’t really know the answer. Find out how that is done.

Day 4     Worming your Way Out of Distractors: A Master’s Guide

Too many times, students tend to lose a lot of points when they fall for distractors. Preparing for them starts right from the beginning of your prep right down to the time you start answering questions. Here are practical steps to deal with them.

Day 5     Know Your USMLE Score Before You Sit for the Exam

One of the best way to insure that you are ready to sit for this exam is to know what your USMLE score will be before you even sit for the exam. This is what the #NBME assessment tests are for. Know how to and how not to use them.

Day 6    The Zen of Test-taking: Dealing with Anxiety

One of the most difficult problem we face during the exam is dealing with anxiety. Here are practical ways to deal with anxiety and minimize them during the exam.

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